My brotherI have a nice brother, John.He is not a very handsome boy, but he has a gentle and kind 房屋貸款heart. We are not really relationship. I do not have any brother. He was born one day earlier than 酒店兼職me, so I am regard him as my brother. He has good grades and plays basketball very well. He gets 信用卡代償alone with everybody. Our classmates all like him very much. He studies sin a senior high school 租房子now. When I have problems , I always ask him to help me . He is so special and important to me. He 房屋二胎is the only one for me and no one can replace him . He often encourages me to study hard .He takes 澎湖民宿good care of me. In addition while I do something wrong , he does not blame me . He just teaches me 酒店兼職how to do it and say “Do not cry ! Do it again now “. I am glad to have so wonderful a brother. 酒店兼職I hope we can best siblings forever . And we can all have beautiful life in the future .

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